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AHDL is excited to announce a new, simple way of biopsy submissions to the laboratory! It conveniently allows clients to submit biopsies utilizing free overnight delivery.

The mail-in biopsy kit contains submission form, return shipping label, Clinical Pak envelope, specimen bag, and 10% formalin container.  Submitting biopsy is as easy as 1, 2, 3.....

1. Collect specimen in 10% formalin container, place container in specimen bag, and place back in the box. Include the filled submission form.

2. Place box in the Clinical Pak envelope and attach return shipping label

3. Call Fed Ex pickup (1.800.463.3339) or schedule online pickup or drop in any Fed Ex location or drop-off box.

Kits are free. Kits can be either picked up from the laboratory or shipped to you. The shipping fee to ship kits to your practice is waived at this time! Kits can be ordered by calling laboratory (609) 406-6999 or e-mailing jerseyvetlab@ag.state.nj.us . The supply request form is also available on the AHDL website: http://jerseyvetlab.nj.gov/sample/supplies/ .

There is a test fee of $60 per submission for biopsies submitted using the mail-in biopsy kit. For limited time, the test fee will be reduced to $55.00. Call now to take advantage of the reduced test fee.

Biopsies will be evaluated by one of the two expert veterinary pathologists employed by the AHDL. Please visit the smart phone friendly AHDL website to learn more about our expertise, quality, and services: www.jerseyvetlab.nj.gov .

We appreciate your feedback. Please take the customer satisfaction survey on the AHDL website:  http://jerseyvetlab.nj.gov/contact/survey/