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Equine infectious anemia (EIA) submission requirements

As we approach the busiest EIA testing season, the AHDL would like to remind veterinarians of the submission requirements. Diagnostic samples for EIA may only be submitted by a State or Federal animal health official or accredited veterinarian.

All laboratory submissions must be accompanied by an EIA laboratory test form. Samples may be submitted to the AHDL either on VS 10-11 form "Equine Infectious Anemia Laboratory Test" or digitally using USDA's online program or global vet link's online program. Accurate and detailed identification of the equine, the owner, and the submitting veterinarian will be required. The following information must be included: 

1. Name, address, and phone number of veterinarian

2. Signature and license/accreditation number of the accredited veterinarian who collected the sample

3. Name and address of the owner

4. Location (including county) of the equine when the sample was obtained

5. Identification of the equine sample including name, age, breed, sex, color, markings, and tattoo or registration number.

6. Sample collection date: Samples will not be accepted for testing if submitted more than 30 days following the collection date.

The veterinarian completing the form is responsible for adequate description that will uniquely identify the horse for the purpose of animal movement. The USDA has developed a guidance document for identifying horses which can be found at http://www.aphis.usda.gov/traceability/downloads/rule_movement_equine.pdf .

The AHDL provides free digital Coggins utilizing USDA's online program called Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS). Please contact the AHDL if you would like more information on VSPS at (609) 406-6999 or jerseyvetlab@ag.state.nj.us . Please visit the AHDL website for a complete list of services offered: www.jerseyvetlab.nj.gov

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and value your input.