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Equine Infectious Anemia Kit Recall

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has informed the New Jersey AHDL that the manufacturers of two equine infectious anemia (EIA) antibody test kits have voluntarily stopped distribution and sale of their respective products due to quality concerns. 

The AHDL had used these kits for testing, but did not experience any problems related to test readings. The laboratory is committed to providing the highest quality service to clients. The laboratory stopped using these kits immediately after recall notification was issued to assure that the quality of service is maintained.

1. The first recall is related to an EIA ELISA test kit. The kit was recalled due to the potential for false negative results. The recalled ELISA kit lots were used by the laboratory from 04/08/2013 to 06/14/2013.

2. The second recall is related to an AGID test kit. The kit was recalled due to problems reported by some laboratories regarding readability of the precipitin line. The recalled AGID kit lots were used by the laboratory from 03/22/2013 to 07/10/2013.

While the risk of missing a positive animal in the general population is very low, the performance of the tests in question in high-risk situations is a concern. Therefore, USDA's Veterinary Services is recommending retesting of animals tested by these kits if any of the following situations apply: 

  • Animals were tested during the course of an individual disease workup
  • Animals were tested as a result of an EIA outbreak or cluster
  • Animals were tested from a historically higher risk geographical area
  • Animals were tested from a higher risk group, such as amateur racing circuits or in the course of a piroplasmosis investigation
  • Animals tested have no previous EIA testing history

 If you need assistance in determining the date of testing or have questions regarding EIA testing, please contact the laboratory at (609) 406-6999.

 If you have questions or need advice on retesting, please call the Division of Animal Health, New Jersey State Veterinarian at (609) 671-6400.