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NJ AHDL Participates In a National Animal Feed/Drug Testing Program

The NJ AHDL is a member of the Veterinary Laboratory Response Network (Vet-LIRN), a FDA funded cooperative testing network to help investigate potential illnesses caused by contamination of pet food, livestock feed, and therapeutic drugs.  The purpose of Vet-LRN program is to increase the capacity of animal diagnostic laboratories to analyze animal samples and animal food/drug products for microbiological or chemical contamination. This cooperative program is also intended to enhance food safety and security efforts nationwide.

This program tests not only drugs, feed, and gastric contents of animals, but also animal tissue and fluid as well as specimens from diagnostic (necropsy) cases involving the death of an animal.  Dead animals or animal derived specimens suspected of microbiological or chemical contamination can be submitted to the NJ AHDL, ATTN: Vet-LIRN Testing Program, for evaluation. In order to more efficiently process samples, please contact NJ AHDL to discuss the case and the suspected/possible contaminant(s) prior to submission.

Examples of some animal food or drug contaminants for which we frequently test include melamine and cyanuric acid and bacterial pathogens (Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli 0157H7 etc).  Examples of samples frequently submitted for testing include fresh tissues and urine from pigs or pet animals (for melamine and cyanuric acid), animal feed (for bacterial culture) and feces from domestic pets that are symptomatic or asymptomatic for salmonellosis (for Salmonella culture). 

In the event of a recalled domestic animal feed item, please contact the laboratory to determine the proper submission protocol.

Please refer to the FDA website for information on recalled animal food products: http://www.fda.gov/animalveterinary/safetyhealth/recallswithdrawals/default.htm  http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/SafetyHealth/ReportaProblem/ucm182403.htm